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Catalyst Tea Company

Tea Strainer

Tea Strainer

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Tea strainer with silicone lid and handles

• Extra-fine mesh ensures tea leaves and herbs don’t find their way into your cup

• Double handle allows use in any of your favourite teapots, or even right on your mug!

• Silicone handle tips and lid ensure comfortable handling, even when hot


How to use:

Place the desired amount of tea leaves, herbs or spices in the infuser. Nest it down into the teapot or mug where you will brew your tea, resting the handles on the lip. Pour hot water down through the herbs until the water level comes up the side of the strainer, covering the herbs. Close the lid and steep for recommended time listed on the tea packaging. 


Once tea has steeped, remove the strained, being careful to only touch the silicone handles - the metal may still be hot. Enjoy! 


Wash with mild soap between uses. 

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