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Geo Lantern Canopy Warmer

Geo Lantern Canopy Warmer

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Geo Lantern Canopy Warmer quickly and safely warm wax melts from above. A halogen light gives off a soft glow, and ceramic or porcelain finishes provide a pop of color in line with today's home decor trends. Canopy warmers are perfect for adding candlelight ambiance and your favorite home fragrance to any room in the home.

 * DESIGN: The Geo Canopy Warmer is a decorative, stylish, and simple warmer that will complement your home décor. This top-down wax warmer features a metal handle and a halogen light bulb for melting fragranced wax melts. It has an elegant circular shape with a geometric pattern that adds interest to any room.

 * USE: Add wax melts to the base warming dish to safely release fragrance throughout your home.

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