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Marina Mi

Asymmetric Necklace With Pearls In Silver Tone

Asymmetric Necklace With Pearls In Silver Tone

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Add a light and fresh touch to your summer look with this asymmetrical choker. Adorned with two uneven pearls, it creates a unique and fashionable appearance. This choker will perfectly accentuate your style during the hot season, infusing your ensemble with ease and sophistication. The asymmetry adds a sense of dynamism, while the uneven pearls give the accessory its distinctive character. Wear it with confidence and create a unique look that radiates true summer inspiration
-Brass with hight quality rhodium-plated
-Freshwater pearls
-Polymer beads
Handcrafted by Marina Mi with care, each piece may exhibit minor variations due to its handmade nature.


Rhodium-plated refers to a layer of rhodium applied to the jewelry. Rhodium, a noble metal, is used to plate jewelry, providing a lustrous finish, protecting against tarnishing, and enhancing durability. Compared to sterling silver coating, rhodium is more resistant to tarnish, scratches, and oxidation, making the jewelry more enduring and maintaining a bright appearance for an extended period.
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