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Aligning with your inner Goddess: 1 day retreat.

Aligning with your inner Goddess: 1 day retreat.

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Embrace Your Inner Goddess: Align, Manifest, and Magnify at Our Witchy Gathering

Unleash the divine power within you at our exclusive "Inner Goddess" event on June 9th, during the enchanting new moon post-shadow phase. Join us at the mystical Grey Room at Paige and Rye, nestled in the heart of Downtown Summerlin, for an afternoon dedicated to discovering and magnifying your goddess energy.

Event Details:

  • Date: June 9th
  • Time: Doors open at 11:30 AM, event starts at noon
  • Location: The Grey Room, Paige and Rye, Downtown Summerlin

Special Early Bird Pricing: $95.00 until May 31st (Regular price $105.00)

This transformative gathering will host three curated classes designed to connect you with the celestial and the spiritual:

  • Goddess 101: Discovering Your Inner Goddess
  • Dive deep into the lore of various goddesses and identify the divine essence that resonates most deeply with you. This class will be your first step in aligning with powerful, mystical energies that foster empowerment and enlightenment.
  • Herbal Tea Crafting: Sync with Your Goddess
  • Blend your own bespoke herbal tea that vibrates with the essence of your chosen goddess. This ritual will not only align you with celestial energies but also provide a soothing, personalized elixir to enhance your daily practices.
  • Planetary Incense Making: Harness Celestial Power
  • Learn how celestial bodies influence your newfound goddess energy and craft your own incense to use in rituals that magnify and manifest your desires. This aromatic craft will connect you to the universe’s vast energies, enhancing your spiritual journey.

The day will culminate with exclusive tarot and oracle card readings, providing insights into your future and a deeper understanding of planetary magic. It’s a perfect opportunity to reflect, connect, and discuss your mystical experiences with like-minded individuals.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Align with your inner goddess and unlock pathways to manifest your dreams.
  • Craft unique spiritual tools like bespoke tea blends and incense to enhance your daily rituals.
  • Gain exclusive insights into your spiritual path with tarot and oracle readings.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded spirits in a magical setting.

Reserve your spot now to take advantage of early bird pricing and prepare to explore the mystical paths that await you at this enchanting event. Embrace your inner goddess, and let her shine forth under the new moon’s auspicious light.

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