4 Ways to Be a Better Local

4 Ways to Be a Better Local

Las Vegas is an amazing city when it comes to many things. Weddings, entertainment... bars! But one thing that not many people think of is how great of a community Vegas can be. Here are four easy ways to contribute towards a better community of Las Vegas locals!


Like a good neighbor *YOU* are there! Being a good neighbor is so simple, and honestly a win-win for all! Say hello out on the street, lend out a cup of sugar if you can, and watch over their houses when they’re out of town. You’ll find how rewarding it is to just be kind to those in your neighborhood and community. And the plus for you is that they’ll do the same back!


Shopping small is the best way to support your community. Vegas has been booming with small businesses in the past few years, and you can find these local businesses all over the valley. When you buy small, you get so much in return as well!
  • Best Customer Service - Small businesses always have the best customer service, hands down. They go the extra mile to make sure their customers are taken care of. Calling the store or customer service line often takes you directly to the owner, so you know you’ll be treated well.
  • Improving Local Economics - Spending money in small, locally owned businesses ensures that that money is circling right back into the community! The owners of these businesses are spending their profits on other local businesses, local sporting organizations for their family, and donating to local nonprofits. Supporting Las Vegas businesses means supporting Las Vegas! 
  • Provides Jobs to Locals - The more businesses that are started and owned in Las Vegas, the more jobs there are to fill. And of course, these jobs are going to locals! 
  • Unique and Custom Products - When you walk into a small shop, you immediately see that their products are unique and carefully curated. Oftentimes, the products are handmade here in the valley. You are guaranteed that what you’re purchasing is different than the cookie cutter items stocking the shelves of big box chains. This is great for you of course, but shopping small for gifts means your gift will be one of a kind!


Supporting Local  is different from Shopping Small. I’ll be the first to admit that shopping small isn’t financially feasible to everyone. But you can always support for FREE. This extends to not only small businesses, but also local nonprofits, sporting organizations, and more. One easy and quick way to support local is to share posts on social media. One click and you can share a post about a local restaurant’s grand opening event. Or post about products or services you’ve had that you loved! If you don’t have social media, there’s always word of mouth! Neighbors and friends like to hear that a product or service is good before they go. Sometimes all they need is a review from your mouth to push them to support that local business. Another great way to support local, is by volunteering at nonprofits. Here in Vegas, there are so many amazing nonprofits doing work for the community, and they always need volunteers!


Adopting an environment friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to mean making huge changes in your day to day life. Minimizing our impact on the environment can be as simple as switching from plastic to reusable water bottles or turning the lights off when you leave a room. You can go green and shop small at the same time by buying fruits and vegetables at farmers markets instead of big supermarkets. This cuts down on emissions, and helps out the community members selling at the farmers market! Whether you do something simple or go big and switch to an electric car, all of our efforts to be environmentally cleaner combine together and add up to make our communities cleaner, healthier, and more pleasing to look at.
What other ways do you love to make an impact on our community? Share below!
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