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Paige & Rye

Tart Cherry Old Fashioned Cocktail + Mocktail Mix

Tart Cherry Old Fashioned Cocktail + Mocktail Mix

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Award winning cocktail and mocktail mixers made with superfoods, functional ingredients, and up to 70% less sugar than other mixers!

TART CHERRY OLD FASHIONED Warm. Smooth. Intriguing. One bottle makes 32 drinks. Just 30 calories per serving. Low sugar.

Known for its antioxidant properties, tart cherry juice mixes with allspice, cinnamon, orange peel and bitters to make this full-bodied and better-for-you Old Fashioned.

To make a cocktail: mix 1:4 with bourbon or dark rum.

To make a mocktail: mix with your favorite NA spirit or club soda.

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