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Marina Mi

Necklace With Star Or moon In Silver Tone

Necklace With Star Or moon In Silver Tone

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Embrace the mystique of our hematite choker adorned with star-shaped shell beads. This exquisite piece captures the night's allure with the deep hues of hematite and the whimsical charm of shell stars. The choker's dark elegance lends an air of sophistication, while the celestial accents add a touch of enchantment. Embrace the celestial trend and let this choker be your statement piece, evoking a sense of cosmic beauty and capturing the magic of the night sky. Elevate your style with a touch of stardust, embracing the unique fusion of hematite and shell beads in this captivating accessory. Its trendy and youthful appeal ensures you're on the cutting edge of fashion.

-Brass with hight quality rhodium-plated
-Hematite beads
-Shell beads
Handcrafted by Marina Mi with care, each piece may exhibit minor variations due to its handmade nature.


Rhodium-plated refers to a layer of rhodium applied to the jewelry. Rhodium, a noble metal, is used to plate jewelry, providing a lustrous finish, protecting against tarnishing, and enhancing durability. Compared to sterling silver coating, rhodium is more resistant to tarnish, scratches, and oxidation, making the jewelry more enduring and maintaining a bright appearance for an extended period.

-Hematite is a mineral with a smooth and metallic surface that often comes in a dark charcoal-black color. It's known for its luster and ability to reflect light, making it popular for jewelry. Hematite is also believed to promote a sense of stability and balance. In jewelry, it adds a touch of mystery and modernity due to its metallic sheen.


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