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HANDSOMEkid Nail Paints Seabound Collection

HANDSOMEkid Nail Paints Seabound Collection

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The Seabound Collection are non-toxic, water-based, vegan, peel nail paints for your big adventurers! With four nail paint colors in two units, dive into our ocean inspired adventures and have a splashing good time!

🌊 Ocean: Dive deep into the blue with this serene and calming ocean-inspired nail paint.

💦 Bubbles: The effervescent and playful silver sparkles will remind your child of the crashing waves on the sand, try it as a second coat over Ocean for added fun.

🏖️ Sandcastle: Bring the beach to life with this sandy beige paint, perfect for recreating seaside adventures.

🏴‍☠️ Buried Treasure: Embark on a treasure hunt with this glittering gold and sapphire paint, reminiscent of hidden pirate treasures, great over Sandcastle and Ocean.

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