A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine
A Spray Of Sunshine

A Spray Of Sunshine

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Manhattan Tanning Mist-An exclusive A Spray of Sunshine product. Our tanning mist is carefully formulated with natural goodness for you + your tan. We do not use harsh, harmful ingredients in our tanning mist like other brands. We are proud to offer a natural ultra-fine tanning mist that is paraben free, butane-free, cruelty free, DMDM Hydantoin free, vegan, and no cancer causing ingredients. (Prop 65 compliant) Our tanning mist is also not flammable which is unlike others on the market. It is made of compressed air gravity, which allows for a fine mist that can be sprayed upwards, sideways or upside down for a continuous 360 degree spray. No orange. Streak free when applied correctly, and skin is prepped correctly. Made in USA

How to use: Lightly exfoliate, shave + wax 24 hours before using. Hold mist about 12 inches from face or body. Spray lightly in a circular motion for even application. Allow to dry. You may reapply for desired darkness. Use a mitt to blend areas such as hands, palms and feet. Wash palms after use. Light: 1 coat 4-6 hours Medium: 1 coat 8+ hours Dark: 2 coats 8+ hours

Sorrento Tan Extender-Subtle hues of bronze shimmer infused with moisturizing botanicals to bring you to the Coast of Amalfi and visit the beauty of summer in Sorrento. Scent: Marshmallow, Vanilla + Cream How to use: Apply daily to extend the life of your tan. Rinse hands afterwards to avoid staining. Apply carefully on hands, feet and face.

Travel Kit-
โ€ข Sorrento Tan Extender in squeezable tube 2 oz
โ€ข Catalina Body Wash 2 oz
โ€ข Clearwater Body Lotion 2 oz

All products are spray tan safe, Made in USA, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Sulfate Free and formulated with natural + organic ingredients

Venice Tanning Mist-Perfect for touch ups, vacations and a glow on the go!
Venice is our brown based 3 oz tan in a can that offers a gorgeous buildable glow based on how long you wear it for.

1 coat:
4 hours = Light
6 hours = Medium
8 hours = Medium Dark

2 coats:
8 hours = Dark

Infused with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B6.

Velvet Tanning Mousse-6.75 fl oz (200 ML)

Violet based tanning mousse, velvety-smooth application to ensure a steak-free, no orange, mess free tan. Violet based solutions are a hit in studio, so we decided to change up our traditional brown or green base, with a violet base. Suitable for all skin types, but truly compliments those with a natural olive tone.

Express formula:
Light: 1 coat for 1 hour
Medium: 1 coat for 2 hours
Medium dark: 1 coat for 3 hours
Dark: 2 coats for 2 hours
Ultra dark: 2 coats for 3 hours

How to use:
apple to clean, exfoliated skin using your self tan application mitt. gently apply in a circular motion to ensure a streak-free application. be sure not to over apply to areas such as elbows, ankles, wrists and knees. apply 1 coat at a time. it is easier to do another coat if you don't feel dark enough, than it is to remove fresh tan if you feel too dark. after your tan is processed in 1-3 hours you may rinse with lukewarm water. do not use soap, washcloths or exfoliants. tan will still process for the next 24 hours. after 24 hours you may take a shower with soap. reapply if you would like to be darker. may be used on face + body. do not sleep in this formula, as unnatural results will occur.

Capri Tanning Water-ย 4 oz (118 ML)

Don't forget to add your blending brush, sold separately!

This easy to use, non-transfer, streak free tanning water is the best option for at home face tanning. Blended with natural botanicals + purifying ingredients, this will be your tanning routines new bestie.

Enriched with hydrating ingredients such as:
- Coconut Water
- Hyaluronic Acid
- Aloe Vera
- Chamomile
- Cucumber

Recommended use:
Exfoliate skin prior to using. Apply 1-2 times weekly. Apply to face, neck + dรฉcolletage by lightly misting. May be blended with our tanning brush. Leave to dry or use brush to blend. Allow 8 hours before rinsing. Moisturize daily to prolong + maintain your glow.

Clearwater Body Lotion-ย 8 oz (237 ML)

Enriched with Organic Vanilla Bean extract and Organic Aloe Vera

How to use: Moisturizing is key to keeping your tan. Be sure to moisturize at least two times per day. Reapply as needed. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. If irritation occurs please discontinue use. This product may have a pink hue over time due to the natural ingredients and botanicals. Your lotion is still good and this is normal.

Catalina Body Wash-8 oz (236 ML)

Enriched with Organic Essential Oils and Moisturizing Shea Butter
Naturally scented with Lavender Essential Oils

USDA Organic
Paraben free
Cruelty free
Dye free
Made in USA

How to use: Use body wash in shower to care for your tan. Can be used with or without spray tan. If using with a spray tan, do not use during your first rinse. Do not use a wash cloth, mitt or loofah during the duration of your spray tan.

- Paraben Free
- Made in USA
- Cruelty Free
- Alcohol Free
- Sulfate Free
- DMDM Hydantoin Free
- Mineral Oil Free
- Dye Free
- Fragrance Free